The Colab Vinyl Mix


From Clocktower Radio


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Here’s your tracklist:
Contortions – James White and the Blacks, Contort Yourself
Mars, 3E
Theoretical Girls, You Got Me
DNA, Blonde Redhead
DNA, New New
Sandra Seymour, Dogs (Excerpt from Just Another Asshole #5)
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Orphans
Suicide – Alan Vega, Martin Rev, Ghost Ride
The Static, Don’t Let Me Stop You
Bush Tetras, Snakes Crawl
Y Pants, That’s the Way Boys Are
Lady B, To the Beat Ya’ll
Imply, Holland Tunnel Dive
Lounge Lizards, Do the Wrong Thing
Liquid Liquid, Cavern
ESG, Moody
Spoon Gee, A Drive Down the Street I Was Spanking and Freaking
Robert Goldman (Bobby G), Times Sq. Show Audio (Excerpt from Just Another Asshole #5)
Paul McMahon, Turtles Travel Slower on Asphalt (from Just Another Asshole #5)
Robin Crutchfield’s Dark Day, Hand in the Dark
Mark C and Marnie Greenholz Jaffe, Bad Hospital
Konk, Soka-Loka-Moki
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force, Planet Rock